Monday, 21 February 2011

im new.... =)

hye guys!
Actually i'm new here...i'm not good in writting since i really hate it..hehe but i manage to hv a blog because i juz want to have it! really dunno how to godek2 diz thing..OMG!buta IT..hahha Bayangkan (juz imagine!), since i still in secondary school even matrix i really didnt know how to on9... Hahaa so scared if cikgu ask me  to find the info from website!really terrible.. haha but now im quite good in internet but not really know about the IT..ermm i juz noe how to use it but didnt know the application.. hahhahahha..

oke thats all...nxt tyme myb i need to write more longer in my blog since i need to prepare for my thesis next semester...practice make perfect!=)(boleh caya ke??errmmm) hehe

(about diz photo juz want to show that i get diz pic from Mr.harunhassan..hehe GAMBATTE!)

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  1. welcome dear.....semoga blog ni akan jadi perangsang penerokaan IT sempena tesis akan dtg..lalalala